Monty is an Argentinian
artist and photographer.

Represented by
Open Doors Gallery / London.

Full portfolio in pdf upon request:

Monty Kaplan

Artist Statement

I'm a nomadic photographic artist, originally from Argentina.

My work is an exploration of the intersubjective realm, that which forms from the relationship between our subjective experiences and the world of physical and natural laws, and which we most commonly interpret as "reality" itself.

Photography for me is a tool for putting into question our own sense of certainty about the world. I’m drawn to mundane scenes because by their own banal, simple essence, they serve as the perfect blank canvas onto which is possible to impose a new interpretation and therefore arrive at a new meaning.


2018 ︎ Saatchi Gallery, with Open Doors — London, UK
2018 ︎ Summer Photo Exhibition / Fishing Quarter Gallery Brighton, UK
2018 ︎ Street Sans Frontières / 18-20th May — Espace des Arts Sans Frontières, Paris
2018 ︎ Open Doors Exhbition / 5-8th of April  — Peckham, London
2017 ︎ Group Exhibition “Inside Instagram” — Onomato Künstlerverein, Düsseldorf, Germany
2016 ︎ Group Show  — Greenpoint Gallery, NY
2016 ︎ “Essay on Silence”  — Casa Rodolfo Walsh, Buenos Aires


In Print

︎ Archive Collective Magazine “The Earth Issue”
︎ Paradise Magazine — Issue .01
︎ Noice Magazine — “The Red Issue” .02
︎ Maps Magazine Vol. 110
︎ Create! Magazine — Issue .02
︎ SATORI Magazine — Issue .02 “Change”
︎ NR Magazine — Issue .07
︎ Revista BALAM .05 “Metamorfosis”
︎ SWIM Magazine — Issue .02 “Unseen”


︎ “Centuries in the Sun” a Monty Kaplan Zine by Pomegranate Press
︎ “No Place Like Home” published by Lost Alphabet


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︎ WE ART Agency — Feature
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