About the Project:

“Nocturno” is a project that spans years documenting urban and rural environments in the dead of night. It’s a subjective take on the documentary genre, that serves as a surreal diary concerning loneliness.

Throughout my life, I’ve had periods of introverted behaviors that led to intervals of self inflicted isolation. Loneliness became in itself a form of disconnection, that created an invisible gap between myself and the world.

Because of this, the night was an environment I turned to. Rambling around empty dark corners I became aware of the opportunity to see the world under a new light. The desolated backdrops acquired a dreamlike eerie atmosphere. The night provided me with the context of an empty world, an abstract environment I could reshape, document and ultimately transform.

“Nocturno” is the result of years documenting lonesome nights. As I navigated through empty cities, towns, woods and country fields,  bathing in the disarming and yet intoxicating feeling of abstraction.


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