"Paraíso"  is a project set on a small town in the Province of Corrientes, Argentina, that was hit by a massive epidemic of wild fires in the early months of 2022.
In March of that year I decided to travel to San Miguel which is located in one of the areas that had been most affected by the fires, with more than 30% of the soil and flora compromised.

Many contrasting elements interweaved appeared to be the cause of the tragedy, and yet nobody that i spoke to seemed to agree on which these were. As i dug deeper, the often conflicting theories appeared to have a connective tissue, a type of Ouroboros cycle where human neglect was resulting in climate problems, that resulted in further neglect and so forth.

Most of the town’s population put the blame of the event on the presence of the international forestry companies that have occupied the area since the early 90’s. Accusing them of damaging the soil and drying out the ground with their crops throughout the years, creating a hydraulic stress.
Some people even go as far as to say these companies were the one’s that started the fire, in order to collect insurance money after unsuccessful years caused by climate change.

However, a smaller group of people seem to believe not only is this false, but rather the opposite is true. Affirming that these companies sustain a high level standard and a severe regulations with a climate consciousness that they put into practice which in effect helps the land.

One thing that remains true regardless of whose accountable for it, are the real consequence of climate change related shifts on the province weather, which left it without rains for a full two years, causing a grave drought that gave fuel to the fire.

Mixing a documentary narrative with oneiric imagery, i delve beyond the wild fire event, to instead focus on the tension between the land and it’s inhabitants, a territory governed by faith over reason, where the law of men reigns and flora and fauna are merely collateral.
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