In January of 2022 the Province of Corrientes, Argentina was struck by a massive and unprecedented epidemic of wild fires around the area of the Ibera wetlands, a vast natural resource that spans more than 12 thousand kilometers. The cause that started the fires remains to this day a mystery, with many conflicting theories coming from both the townsfolk and various media outlets.

In March i decided to travel to the small town of San Miguel, located in one of the regions most affected by it to better understand what had caused the incident and document the havoc in had left behind. However, once there I became perplexed by the relationship the inhabitants had with their land. A type of Ouroboros cycle where human neglect that was resulting in climate issues, that resulted in further neglect and so forth. The calm engulfing beauty of the landscape was juxtaposed with a population that seemed oblivious to the fragile nature of the eco system they live in.

Using the fire as an inciting incident I move passed it to focus instead on the remnants, generating an x-ray of traces left behind and still lingering in the place. Mixing a documentary narrative with oneiric imagery, "Paraíso" explores the strange tension that exist between an idyllic land and it’s indifferent occupants. Uncovering San Miguel as a territory where faith surpasses reason and the law of men reigns, leaving flora and fauna as merely collateral damage.
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