"Paraíso" is a project that investigates the intricate events surrounding the epidemic of wild fires that hit the Province of Corrientes in Argentina in early 2022.

In March I travelled to the community of San Miguel, located in one of the areas with the highest percentage of both flora and fauna affected by the fires to find out the how and why of the event. Once there though i became perplexed by the relationship the inhabitants had with their land.

Many interweaving factors appeared to be the cause of the tragedy, and yet nobody that i spoke to seemed to agree on which these were.  As i dug deeper, the often conflicting theories coming from the townsfolk and media outlets appeared to have one single connective tissue, a type of Ouroboros cycle where human neglect was resulting in climate problems, that resulted in further neglect and so forth.

Mixing a documentary narrative with oneiric imagery, I delve beyond the wild fires to instead focus on the tension between the land and it’s population, generating in the process an x-ray of the place and the feeling of being there.
Uncovering San Miguel as a territory where faith governs over reason, where the law of men reigns and flora and fauna are merely collateral damage.

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