The Measure

"The Measure" is a project based on Robert Creeley's poem of the same name. I use the text as a jumping off point to adapt it into a fictional tale of a doomed scientist, obsessed with the nature of time and the possibility to travel through it.
The poem speaks of being "caught" in the time as measure, and it delves on the idea that it is ourselves who create our notion of what time is.
The project consists of three different types of material, each informing the viewer of the character's mental and emotional states, as he attempts and continually fails to succeed in his goal.

These three are a character's POV; a scientific journal he keeps full of equations and notes, and a look into his experimentations and the physical fallout from them.

These all add on and complement one another, while becoming increasingly erratic to create the feeling of a dramatic in crescendo in the narrative, as the character falls deeply into a maze of his own mind.

The poem reads:

"I cannot
move backward.
or forward.
I am caught

in the time
as measure.
What we think
of we think of-

of no other reason
we think than
just to think
each for himself."