The Measure

"I cannot
move backward
or forward.

I am caught.
in the time
as measure.

What we think of
we think of---
of no other reason

we think than
justo to think--
each for himself."

"The Measure" is a project that adapts Robert Creeley's poem of the same name. Using the text as inspiration, I created a sci-fi tale of a doomed scientist, whose obsession with understanding the nature of time and the possibility to travel through it, drives him to madness.

The poem speaks of feeling caught in the time as measurement, and this idea strongly correlates to what is empirically true about time, mainly that it's a mere perception of the human mind and not intrinsic in nature. In technical terms, time, or to be accurate, the arrow of time moving perpetually forward, is nothing more than entropy and heat propagation throughout our universe. But to our minds, time is a real phenomena that completely governs our lives and which we can't escape from. The ultimate limit of our existence in this universe.

What was interesting to explore for me, was this idea of being imprisoned by our own ways of reasoning, and by our strong emotional investment in what time means for us.
In this sense, the story's character is trapped in a maze of his own head, unable to see past this tunnel vision.

The project's narrative is told through three different points of view, each informing the viewer of the character's mental and emotional states, as he attempts and continually fails to succeed in his goal. These three are a character's POV; a scientific journal he keeps full of equations and notes on the subject, and a look into his experimentations and the physical fallout he ultimately suffers from them.

These all add on and complement onto another, while becoming increasingly erratic to create the sensation of a dramatic in crescendo in the narrative, as the character falls into despair.

The poem serves as the emotional backbone for the series.